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About Us

About Us.

Our Mission

Lord Will Provide, Inc. (FIC) is a faith-based, nonprofit classified website offering free advertising options for individuals and organizations looking to provide need-based items at no cost to those in need among them. It offers a one-stop portal for to help people experiencing hardship access free resources at the local level. Lord Will Provide, Inc. (FIC) also shows the world that the Lord truly will provide through our national classified hub connecting people in need at the local level with the free resources they need to thrive.

our vision

● to build America’s go-to hub for connecting free resource providers with people in need in every community nationwide
● to ensure that no American ever goes hungry or without shelter thanks to our portal

About us / Brand story

Online classified websites like Craigslist and Angie's List have revolutionized the way businesses and individuals promote the products and services they want to sell. These websites have done an excellent job building local marketplaces at the community level. That prompted us to ask ourselves: What if we could build a different kind of classified website, one devoted solely to sharing all the available resources offered *free of charge* to people in need in a community?
Our answer is Lord Will Provide, Inc. (FIC), a one-of-a-kind, 501(c)(3) faith-based nonprofit classified website offering free advertising options for individuals and organizations looking to provide need-based items at no cost to those in need among them. Based in Killeen, Texas, Lord Will Provide aims to help end poverty in America by offering a one-stop portal for accessing free resources at the local level, quickly and easily. In addition to connecting people in need with available resources at the local level, we connect nonprofits with donors, sponsors, and volunteers, with the goal of building strong networks of giving and kindness in communities across our country.
Lord Will Provide was founded by Allen Sanders, a decorated US Army professional with degrees in information technology management and business administration. A native of Marks, Mississippi, Allen experienced homelessness and hunger at times in his life until he was able to find the support he needed by the Grace of God. Today, he is a community leader and change maker motivated to heed a calling to bring provisions from God to his neighbors in need. He founded Lord Will Provide to share the blessings the Lord provided him with others by connecting them with the food, clothing, shelter, and other items they need to survive and thrive.
At LordWillProvide.com, visitors in need and local agents of change can search by keyword, location, and categories including clothing, food, services, shelter, and water. Service providers can post free advertisements that will be automatically added to the directory to quickly connect with people in need.
Our goal is to show the world that the Lord truly will provide when we call upon Him for help!

The Lord Will Provide team is guided by the fruits of Love outlined in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8:

Love: We are compelled by the Lord’s greatest commandment: to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our work is driven by this kind of Living Love and directs our work to fight poverty and homelessness across America.

Joy: We believe in being bearers of joy, serving others selflessly and with gladsome hearts.
Peace: We see ourselves as ambassadors of Christ’s peace, mercy, and compassion.

Patience: We strive to model kindness, patience, and empathy to everyone we meet.
Kindness: We treat each and every person we meet with the same level of respect, regardless of their background or life story.
Goodness: We strive to make ethical choices and act with goodness and grace.

Faithfulness: Our faith in God’s glory and power is deep and abiding and drives us to fulfill our purpose in Him.
Meekness: We aim to be humble and gentle spirited in our work to bring healing to a hurting world.

Self-control: We choose to live with a spirit of moderation and self-denial as we maintain our unwavering focus on serving others in need.